Weekend trip to Lucca

January 25th, 2009

Italy 6

This weekend Melissa and I went to Lucca, a walled city about 1.5 hours from Florence.  Getting there turned into quite the adventure.  We got to the train station and bought our tickets.  Then upon realizing our train left in 5 min we rushed to the platform only to be told the train was stopped.  So we went back inside to try to ask someone what was going on.  while standing in line the person in front of us asked us where we were from.  She was from the States and backpacking across Europe.  She was with a friend from Italy who told us that the train workers were on strike that day.  They were headed to Pisa and since Lucca was on the way they helped us find the bus station and buy the right ticket to get to Lucca.  We rode with them on the bus to lucca where we stopped and they changed busses.  We probably would not have gotten to Lucca that day if it was not for them.  Thanks!  

Once in Lucca Melissa and I found a hotel and then did quite a bit of window shopping.  A couple of notable places;

The Pizzeria on the plaza near where we stayed.  One of the ladies that worked there was from brazil and spoke english (not to mention being absolutely gorgeous).  We ate a whole pizza one night, straight out of their wood fired oven.

ReWine << .  A Wine bar that was pretty cool.  We had some nice wines and probably the best gin and tonic on earth (butterfly gin, try it if you can find it, then tell me where to get it)

Thats about all, there was lots of window shopping to be had.

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