Trip to Sicily

March 25th, 2009

Italy 19 Italy 18 

I went to Sicily and it snowed!  A lot too.  I was not exactly prepared for that so I was without a jacket and quite cold.  Night trains are also not cool.  But the way they got the train to the island was quite odd.  There was a train ferry.  Yes they put the train on a boat and took it across the sea.  You never even had to get out of the train cars (but trust me it is nice to get out and get some fresh air).  6 people in a 7′ x 5′ room is very cramped.  During the day it has 2 bench seats facing each other (three people per side).  At night 3 beds fold down on each side (6 beds total).  Between the loudness of the train, the cramped beds and the need to keep the window open while going 60 mph because of the heat you really don’t get much sleep.

We went to Corleone, Palermo, and a few other sites. I presented on the palace of Zisa.

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