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April 2nd, 2009

Italy 22

Silver Ampersand necklace with inlayed stone that I made.


  1. Cut ampersand out of 1 mm silver sheet (save the pieces that compose the negative space)
  2.  Solder rectangle and tiny negative space pieces to another 1 mm silver sheet.  (The surface tension of the solder wants to pull all of the pieces together which makes things difficult)
  3.  Solder sheet to another 1 mm sheet.  
  4.  Cut, file and sand to exact rectangular shape
  5.  File top with round file for tube to lay in.
  6.  Solder tube in groove on top.
  7.  Crush stones
  8.  Apply  glue and place stone fragments in one at a time like a puzzle.
  9.  Wait 12 hours for glue to dry
  10.  Sand stones to level of metal, go back and fill holes
  11.  Sand and polish
  12.  Mask stones with tape
  13.  Sandblast then remove tape.

Oh, and there a lot of intermediate steps (like pickling for 10 min after every soldering). But I managed to do it all this week (about 12 hours). 

During the waiting parts I made a married metal button as a practice piece before I move on to silver.

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