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Augmented reality, Multitouch, Qr codes, and concrete

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

AR and projects 

I have been working on some Augmented Reality projects for a museum tour giving robot recently.  I came up with an idea to make Black on Black retroflective vinyl decals for navigation.  These have the advantage of being visually unobtrusive in a museum environment.   They seem to work pretty well too, when using an IR camera with IR illumination they are by far the brightest things in the room (to the camera at least).

 I also think that for people placing qr codes near art pieces could greatly enhance the museum going experience.  Imagine being able to access a wealth of information about a painting and the artist while standing infront of the art piece far beyond the standard caption placed next to a painting.  Using a web enabled mobile telephone and Qr codes you could also find out information about other paintings you might like in the museum.  I think QR codes have a lot of promise for the museum environment.

Another project has been making a Multi touch display.  This could be used in conjunction with a mobile phone and qr codes to setup self guided tours in the museum or for taking a closer look at art pieces.