3 phase linear actuator fun!

May 12th, 2013

3 phase linear actuator speed test 3phase linear actuator being driven with an arduino

Click on them to watch the videos!

I picked up a couple 3 phase linear actuator tracks (magnets) and armatures (coils and hall effects) along with some 3 phase servo amplifiers. Not only are they terrifyingly quick (and this is at 80v they are rated to 300V!) but also can push with significant force. A couple of fun things I did with them:

Put them on a not very stable table and use an accelerometer as the input, depending on the phase, you either get an actively stabilized table or one that oscillates at its resonant frequency!

Hooked to audio source and played some music.

And hooked to an arduino and to my computer.

These are not (very) closed loop (yet) but with careful input offset adjustment you get good static behavior.

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