More Bubble display info!

May 6th, 2013

Bubble Display

Bubble display Long Bubble display short Bubble display, pre tuning Bubble display, partially tuned Bubble Display Bubbles Solenoid triggering with Pic micro controller Paper mock up of bubble display bubble tubes being glued in acrylic assembled Bubble panel with tubes

I built a display system that displays in bubbles (a couple years ago, at the time I had not seen any others). I used some solenoids (surplus), a small air pump (surplus), an Arduino, A glass tank that I built from tempered glass sheets, and a bunch of glycerine. I wrote some Processing code that processes a jpeg image and spits out bit codes for the arduino software I wrote. The arduino sequences the solenoids (down to a few tens of microseconds, tuned per solenoid!) to produce a dot (bubble?) matrix image that gradually floats up through the liquid. I chose glycerine, for a few reasons, it is clear, it is very viscous (initial water tests indicated that I needed more viscosity to slow the bubbles), it is water soluble for easy cleanup, can be derived from plants, it is not very volatile (or smelly) and not likely to catch on fire (those are basically all the reasons I did not use oil of some sort). I whipped up the full scale exhibit (prototype) piece in 2 weeks.

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