Stitching up a Maserati

May 12th, 2013
Airbag in a Maserati door Pass the Hemostats. All stitched up

I stitched the door back up after an airbag deployed.

Laser Cut Vacuum Forming Box

May 12th, 2013

Laser cut vacuum forming box

Vacuum forming box interior Hole test Laser drilling holes Video of micro perforations Laser cut vacuum forming box Vacuum formed Heart chocolate holder vacuum formed plate Vacuum forming demo on the vacuum forming box I designed

I designed this box to be laser from 3 sq feet of masonite. I designed it in Inkscape and lasercut it at Fab Lab Tulsa. I also posted it on thingiverse so you can make your own!

A small collection of ‘Thats not good’ moments

May 12th, 2013

THAAAAATS not good.

Lost Foam cast aluminum... Loose spark plug through DI cassette Trashed turbo impeller Aston martin alarm box Guts of an aston martin alarm box Lamborghini countach v12 distributor cap come on guys... Something is not right... There they are! Where are the pieces of the skirt? Not so good when there is silver sludge all around

Well there is your problem! (or at least one of them!)

Black on Black Retroflective vinyl! Now with Video!

May 12th, 2013

More Black on Black retroflective decals

Black on Black retroflective Black on Black retroflective vinyl Black on Black retroflective vinyl

This was an idea I had a while back to ‘hide’ things in plain sight.

Taking the glass off of a 24″ iMac

May 12th, 2013
removing the front glass on a 24" iMac Glass removed Monitor removed

My hard drive died and this is how you get to it….

Just some Misc. Ferrari Pics

May 12th, 2013


Normal ferrari f430 interior Ferrari f430 scuderia steering wheel Ferrari f430 scuderia engine view No floor mats (or carpet)... Full carbon fiber door panel on More carbon fiber than you can shake a stick at Carbon fiber intake manifold high mount exhaust See it says it there More agressive front than standard

As usual click on the picture for MORE pictures.

Various projects, brakes, exhaust, and more.

Some Porsche GT3 RS projects

May 12th, 2013

Porsche GT3 rs

Porsche gt3 rs Porsche GT3 rs GT3 rs center lock wheel nut Torque multiplier on Center lock gt3 rs wheels Caliper Pucks Old carbon Rotor interior of carbon ceramic brake New Steel brakes IMG_0920 porsche gt3 rs no seats Bolt in porsche gt3 rs cage Bolt in porsche gt3 rs cage Bolt in porsche gt3 rs cage and harnesses Bolt in porsche gt3 rs cage and harnesses Bolt in porsche gt3 rs cage and harnesses Bolt in porsche gt3 rs cage and harnesses Laser cut masonite battery hold down Laser cut masonite battery hold down Did someone order a 15" steel pizza?

I got to do a number of projects with this car.

Hanging around

May 12th, 2013

Some climbing

I did a bit of bouldering last summer.

Butterfly Box

May 12th, 2013

Butterfly Box

Laser cut butterfly box Laser cut butterfly box Laser cut Butterfly box

This is a box that I designed and built. Details are available by clicking the pictures.

Some old projects I did at Fab Lab Tulsa in 2011

May 12th, 2013
Laser cut cardboard Laser cutter at Fab Lab Tulsa Assembled mini Frank Gehry chair 3 color vinyl decal parts 3 color vinyl decal parts white 3 color vinyl decal parts W&R 3 color vinyl decal parts assembled 3 color vinyl decal Laser material structuring Snap fit tests Part on thingiverse 3d printed part from the makerbot Functional printed Item Laser engraving a carabiner Laser engraved (and cut) box 3d printed Octopus Laser engraving an anodized aluminum carabiner My first downloaded and printed thing from thingiverse My first downloaded and printed thing from thingiverse 123d make cube, flattened 123D make torus 123D make torus pieces Laser cut felt Inspired by digikey packaging My first printed part that I designed My first printed part that I designed

Making a PCB using Vinyl as an etch resist

May 12th, 2013

Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal Making a PCB with a vinyl decal

Here is a step by step photo sequence on how to use cut vinyl (from a vinyl cutter) as an etch resist to make printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Wood Box ring

May 12th, 2013

Wood ring Wood ring Wod ring Wood ring Wood ring Wood ring, walnut Wood ring, walnut

This is a wooden box ring that I made using techniques closer to metal jewelry than wood carving. I laminated 3 pieces of walnut together (Cut with jewelers saw and along different grain lines). I sawed on it and filed it until I was happy with the shape and fit then took to polishing.

3 phase linear actuator fun!

May 12th, 2013

3 phase linear actuator speed test 3phase linear actuator being driven with an arduino

Click on them to watch the videos!

I picked up a couple 3 phase linear actuator tracks (magnets) and armatures (coils and hall effects) along with some 3 phase servo amplifiers. Not only are they terrifyingly quick (and this is at 80v they are rated to 300V!) but also can push with significant force. A couple of fun things I did with them:

Put them on a not very stable table and use an accelerometer as the input, depending on the phase, you either get an actively stabilized table or one that oscillates at its resonant frequency!

Hooked to audio source and played some music.

And hooked to an arduino and to my computer.

These are not (very) closed loop (yet) but with careful input offset adjustment you get good static behavior.

More Bubble display info!

May 6th, 2013

Bubble Display

Bubble display Long Bubble display short Bubble display, pre tuning Bubble display, partially tuned Bubble Display Bubbles Solenoid triggering with Pic micro controller Paper mock up of bubble display bubble tubes being glued in acrylic assembled Bubble panel with tubes

I built a display system that displays in bubbles (a couple years ago, at the time I had not seen any others). I used some solenoids (surplus), a small air pump (surplus), an Arduino, A glass tank that I built from tempered glass sheets, and a bunch of glycerine. I wrote some Processing code that processes a jpeg image and spits out bit codes for the arduino software I wrote. The arduino sequences the solenoids (down to a few tens of microseconds, tuned per solenoid!) to produce a dot (bubble?) matrix image that gradually floats up through the liquid. I chose glycerine, for a few reasons, it is clear, it is very viscous (initial water tests indicated that I needed more viscosity to slow the bubbles), it is water soluble for easy cleanup, can be derived from plants, it is not very volatile (or smelly) and not likely to catch on fire (those are basically all the reasons I did not use oil of some sort). I whipped up the full scale exhibit (prototype) piece in 2 weeks.

Because Materials are cool, Pyrolytic graphite

May 6th, 2013

Its not magic, but it sure is cool. Very diamagnetic, so it floats above strong magnets. Very thermally conductive (well in one plane, which on its own a difference of thermal conductivity of over 2 orders of magnitude depending on direction is awesome), cuts through ice like butter (as long as your fingers stay warm that is).

Diamagnetic levitation Pyrolytic graphite melting ice

Some scratch built LED flashlights from 2011

May 6th, 2013

New LEDs (under 3.2 v forward voltage) and new batteries (LiFe) which have a nicely matched voltage curve. And a single cell AAA boost converter design. Mine are much brighter than some commercially available ones.

parts for a micro single cell led driver my micro light, CREE XPG Snap on 70 lm flashlight vs my micro light Snap-on 70 lm flashlight vs my micro light snap on light vs my larger light snap on 70lm light vs my larger light comparison of my micro light and my larger light

Some random projects

May 6th, 2013

Replacing carbon ceramic brakes on a ferrari (and turning one of those into a silly clock). Switchable LCD film. Modding an LED headlamp. A needlessly complex window doorswitch from a Saab. A porsche GT2 exhaust.

Me and some bling Switchable LCD film Ferrari f430 engine underside Modified energizer LED headlamp Modified Energizer headlamp, XPG Modified Energizer headlight, Resistors Saab window switch pack Saab window switch pack Saab window control unit Porsche 911 GT2 stock exhaust

RGB LED Strobe

May 6th, 2013

I played around with this technique in high school, but NOW there are some crazy bright LEDs that work a lot better. The basic concept is to strobe red, green and blue LEDs so quickly that it looks like a constant white light. Then instead of strobing the colors at the same time flash them at different times. You still see a constant white, until something moves, then you see a color separated strobe style image. It is pretty cool to look at, AND could be used for scientific uses (green is .5ms, blue is 1 ms, red is .5 seconds). Or as I hope to do at some point make a single handed clock (A rather quickly spinning hand, with rather precisely timed (and synchronized) strobe pulses).

RGB Strobe, LED Random color fader LED light, Bright! 45 ish watt RGB LED array RGB led Strobe


May 6th, 2013

Here are a few videos of interactive uh, video. (sorry the only interaction you get is the play button). Most utilize a pico projector, a PS3 camera and my mac. I also was playing around with OSC control and an actual glass touch panel. Quartz composer on apple is just silly simple (and brings back LabView memories)

Quartz+Projector+Camera+Laser pointer Ipad controlling Quartz over wifi Reactivision +Quartz Reactivision +quartz Touch screen with a projector

Get ready

May 1st, 2013

So what has happened in the last 1 year 9 months and three days? Well, quite a bit. Be prepared for a rapid fire update on projects, happenings and more!